Using Buhler Docs in the 1:1 Classroom

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There are 4 apps that need to be downloaded on your iPad: Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.
These apps all work together. Documents you create in Docs, Sheets, or Slides automatically save and can be put into folders
that are shared with teachers. This will be a great way for students to "hand" assignments in and for teachers to share items with
their students.
  • Google Drive: This is the organizational app. You can see all of your folders and files from your Buhler Docs account.
  • Google Docs: This is a word processing app.
  • Google Sheets: This is a spreadsheet app.
  • Google Slides: This is a presentation app.

Using Google Apps on the iPad

Getting Pictures and Videos Uploaded

Our Buhler Docs accounts can be used to collect assignments from many types of apps. Below is a video, explaining how to upload a video or picture. This will work for any product that is in the camera roll on the iPad. So, any creation apps that will save to the camera roll can be uploaded to Buhler Docs, using these steps.

ANY APP that saves its product to the camera roll can be uploaded to Buhler Docs this way.

Uploading from Other Apps

Other files can also be uploaded. Items created in apps like Pages, Keynote and Numbers can also be uploaded to Buhler Docs.
Follow the following steps:

1. Pull up the document you want to upload to Buhler Docs.
Tap on the upload icon as shown in the square below.
Click on "Send a Copy"

2. Choose the format in which to save the document. Tap on your selection.
  • PDF or ePub: the document is completely finished and will not be edited. These formats will allow the document to be opened in iBooks, also.
  • Pages: the document may need further work. It is easiest to open these on the iPad.
  • In Keynote, you can upload as a Keynote, PDF or PowerPoint.
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3. Choose "Send to" from the selections that you see.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.00.29 AM.png

4. Tap "Locations" and choose "Drive," which is where we are sending this file.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.38.11 AM.png

5. Click on "Locations" for a list of folders in your Buhler Docs account.
Tap on the folder you want this document in. Hint: The document must go into a folder!
Tap "Save Here."

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Creating New Documents

1. Open Google Drive.