This site is a collection of technology-related resources that will be useful to our district's teachers.

Notes, Instructions and Directions

PowerTeacher Gradebook

United Streaming (Discovery Education) Video Streaming

Websites & Web-Based Tools

Delicious -- Bookmark Storage


  • personalizing Google
  • using Google's tools
  • Google search tips
    • define: (space) type word to be defined
    • conversion: use the word "in" in the search string
    • search by file type
      • google advanced search
      • file type
      • to find jeopardy games: add "jeopardy" to search term

Library Thing -- Organizing Information about Books for Others to Browse

Photoshop Tutorials --

Poll Everywhere

  • polls: multiple choice, short answer
  • can download results
  • can be done via web voting or text messaging
  • web voting: can put address in Blackboard

Publishing online

Random Name / Word Picker

Search Engine

  • Cuil
    • search engine started by execs who had left google
    • magazine layout in results
    • explore by category
      • hover over to drill down to definitions/explanations
    • tabs at top help category
    • safe search

Smartboard Resources:

  • A list of possible resources for SmartBoards/Interactive WhiteBoards. Some of these are more elementary but there are many that can be adapted for middle school and high school students: Click here
  • This site contains lessons/resources. The pages and activities are NOT download-able. However, some of the activities are wonderful! Curricular areas include Math, Geography, English & General Purpose.

Using YouTube Videos in the Classroom

  • [[file/view/YouConvertIt.pdf|YouConvertIt.pdf]]
  • [[file/view/KickYouTube.pdf|KickYouTube.pdf> ]]