Social Bookmarking Handout for Social Bookmarking Session 1/22/11.

Social Bookmarking Defined

CommonCraft: Social Bookmarking in Plain English (video)
Text of the above video: Video Transcript

Wiki Definition

Tools to Use for Sharing

iKeepBookmarks (
  • USD308 Elementary Schools page: (does not allow you to edit but allows you to view)
  • Each elementary school has an account that can be edited by teachers. (See your TEST teacher for the username and password for your building)
  • Folders can be added and shared with the class.
  • A specific URL is provided so users can go to your page without logging in.

Linkable (
  • My linkable account is found at
  • Download the toolbar link that allows you to add sites with one click.
  • Create folders, add links, move sites from folder to folder.
  • Make your folders private or public.
  • Add comments to your links.

Tizmos (
  • Each grade level has an account already. See your TEST teacher for the login and password.
  • Gives a screenshot of each page bookmarked.
  • My Tizmos page:

Delicious (
  • See my listings at
  • Download the toolbar links that allow you to use "one click" to add sites.
  • Uses "tags" to organize sites. These are individual choices and may or may not be used by others.
  • Sites can be shared with other Delicious users.

Sqworl (