Immediate Response


Download the Socrative app onto your iPad. There are 2: one for Teacher, one for Student.

1. Open the Socrative Teacher app on your iPad or go to the link below. Create an account as a teacher to get started.
2. Single Question Activities are great for quick checks and for poll questions "on the fly".
  • a. Use a question you have written on your SmartBoard or dry erase board. Choose Multiple Choice or True/False for these questions.
  • b. Short Answer: Write your question or give it verbally. You can decide how many times a student can answer and if anonymous responses are acceptable. This can also be used as a poll so students can vote for their favorites.
3. Quiz-Based Activities
  • Type in your questions by going to the following site:
  • Click "Manage Quizzes" to create a new quiz.
  • Type in your questions.
  • Get the "SOC" number if you want to share with other teachers. These tests are PRIVATE unless you choose to share.
4. When finished, click "end activity". You will be asked if you want a report to download or receive via email. I've been downloading them directly. The reports are Excel documents that you can look at when you have the chance. Student answers are shown.

Ways to use Socrative in your classroom:
  1. Spontaneous Quick Checks
  2. True or False Questions
  3. Multiple Choice Questions
  4. Short Response
  5. Visual Data (Bar graphs and visual short responses)
  6. Exit Ticket
  7. Pre-Assessment
  8. Post-Assesment
  9. Quick Check for Understanding
  10. Voting on best responses

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