Cell Phones as a tool, not a toy!

Addressing Concerns:
  • Parent Letter & Permission
    • address the issue of limited or unlimited usage
  • Internet Safety Quiz (http://www.safekids.com/quiz/
    • Do it as a whole class activity

Podcasting with the Cell Phone
  • set up a "drop" (http://drop.io)
  • student calls the phone number
  • Ideas: record your observation about a particular
  • Idea: world languages -- record oral presentations, exams
  • Idea: interview
  • Idea: student can create their own account to practice speech, debate, language, brainstorming
  • ReQall (http://reqall.com)
  • converts speech to text
  • short snippits
  • good for brainstorming
  • students can sign up for accounts
  • 1-888-9REQALL
  • Idea: Call to leave answers to questions

Camera phones
  • Visual Storybook
  • Flickr -- upload pictures from phone to a class account
  • Idea: Tell a story in 5 pictures, pass the phone around, students must interpret the significance of that picture
  • Idea: data collection -- pictures of certain things
  • Idea: documentaries w/video
  • Idea: clay animation w/PlayDough
  • Idea: news broadcast
  • Idea: assignment where they have to find certain things

  • wiffiti.com
  • kids text and it shows up real time
  • good for KWL (prior knowledge)
  • Idea: while watching a video or newscast, let kids ask questions this way (posts anonymously)
  • Idea: notes during video
  • polleverywhere.com
  • anonymous responses
  • quick gauge of what students know
  • can do multiple choice, free text
  • give them "thought" question to post to site outside of class
  • can put in powerpoint as a slide