This page contains a collection of resources gathered around the idea of using Bloom's Taxonomy to help guide the logical, intentional use of Technology in the classroom.

Comprehensive list of verbs to use in describing Bloom's levels.

This presentation was given at ISTE in 2011.

Each Level lists the Skills, the Action Verbs, Teacher Directed Activities, Student Directed Activities, and each section concludes with a list of Technology Hardware Resources that support each level.

A graphic representation showing the Digital Taxonomy related to Higher Order Thinking Skills related to Communication skills.

Each level of the taxonomy is represented on a one-page document that can be printed for further use by anyone looking for ideas to push student thinking.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy -- Quick Reference
Bloom's Digital Taxonomy -- Full Version
  • "These resources outline the different taxonomic levels and provide the Digital Taxonomy Verbs with some possibilities for classroom use." (From the author)
  • The author recognizes that this list is not all-inclusive.